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As of 4/24/2003 CMGN welcomes a new engine to it's roster Ex-BN Unit 5086 was pulled into Bay City at 5:00pm. The C30-7 will either be repaired or will be parted out to make CM's other mothballed C30-7 (#5075) active.

Central Michigan Railroad sells (or leased out) it's GP-9 units. 9210 was sold and now resides in Indiana. 9209 was sold (or leased) to Rail America, whom  within  2 weeks of taking delivery had a major mechanical failure and returned the unit to CM. As of April 20th it sits in the Bay City yard awaiting repair.

As of 2/15/2003 CMGN resumes hauling coal for Karn Wedock. The train usually arrives in Bay City after 10:00pm on scheduled days.

Looks as though the move of the Saginaw local to the city of Saginaw was only for the duration of the Monitor Sugar Company's sugar beet campaign.
As of 02/02/2003 the Saginaw local resumes it's former position of being the second train out of Bay City in the morning.

CMGN ran its caboose behind a freight train 07/29/2002. The only time the caboose was run previously was to transport Santa Claus to the Nate Doan Santa House 12/2001 near Bay City's Community Center.

CMGN replaced ribbon rail between Bay City and Saginaw, Michigan 06/2002. This special train transports and drops the long rails

8802 pulls a freight train past the GP-9 (GTW 4433) owned by the Saginaw Valley Railroad Historical Society heading deeper into the North Yard (2001). The GP-9 was waiting to be pulled back to Saginaw after completing its duties at Bay City's Monitor Sugar Company. The red caboose is the same one pictured above, prior to the new paint job. The C&O caboose is also owned  by the SVRHS.

 In 2001 CMGN purchased three units. 2 were six axle units. Unit 5492 a four axle unit (seen behind 5175 in photo above) was pressed into service quickly. 5075 was parted out to get 5175 operational and now sits as a spare parts engine in CM's Bay City yard. The Burlington Northern units already had their logos painted over, the BNSF was still awaiting its new paint.

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