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Bay City Yard and Engine Facility

Central Michigan Railroads northern most yard is located north on Euclid Avenue where M-13 splits toward the north east and Euclid heads straight for the Saginaw Bay. The flat car train shown above transports and drops ribbon rail. There will be more about this train in the news section.

The northern yard is also Central Michigan Railroads Engine Facility. This means it houses many wrecked or parts engines. 8801 was destroyed in a horrific crash in the village of Zilwaukee. This story and more photos can be seen in the history section.

8905 stands idle, resting after a long days run to Durand and back. It's sitting next to the engine barn in the refueling area.

Lake State Railway pulls a load of fly ash out of the north end of the Central Michigan Railroad's Bay City yard.  Engines 798, 976 and 1280 at work in these photos.

Lake State Railway engine "The City of West Branch" number 976 sports a brand new paint scheme. Now matching some of its stable mates.

A word of complement to the People of the Lake State Railroad Company for the additional words "Enduring Freedom" appearing on the side of engine 976. A somber reminder of this post 9/11 world we live in. Thank You!

Central Michigan Railway - Main Office
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Phone: (989) 684-5088

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